Terms and conditions

  1. The Renter agrees to the terms and conditions of this rental agreement and receives a copy hereof.
    a) the driver must be at least 20 years old,
    b) the driver must have a driving license for at least one year,
    c) the driving license must be presented at the start of the rental.
  3. FUEL
    a) the fuel level in the returned vehicle shall not be lower than at the start of the rental,
    b) any missing fuel shall be filled by the Renter,
    c) the cost of repairing the vehicle if the Renter has used inappropriate fuel shall be borne entirely by the Renter,
    d) vehicles are clearly marked at filling units which fuel should be used – PETROL / DIESEL.
  4. TAX
    a) 24% VAT is included in the rental price.
    a) to book a vehicle, you must complete an application form which will be sent by e-mail,
    b) an advance payment of max. 30% is required for booking,
    c) the advance payment is not refundable.
    a) the rental fee can be paid in full to the bank account of PK CAMPERS or at the time of handing over the vehicle to the Renter by paying in cash or by credit card, which is listed on our website
    a) the vehicle is handed over to the Renter and returned to the Owner in Reykjavik, Krokhals 5a
    b) the transfer of the Renter from and to the airport costs 60 € one way day time (06:00 – 22:00) and nighttime 90 € (22:00 – 06:00)
    c) the Renter shall return the vehicle on the day and place specified in the rental agreement, unless otherwise agreed by electronic means later during the rental,
    d) the Renter is obliged to return the vehicle with all its accessories (e.g. wheels, camper equipment) as they were at the start of the rental, except for normal wear and tear resulting from use,
    e) if the Renter fails to return the vehicle within the agreed time frame or to declare their intention to extend the rental, PK CAMPERS or the POLICE shall be entitled to take over the vehicle without further notice at the expense of the Renter.
    f) if the Renter fails to return the vehicle within agreed time frame, the fee for the next day will be charged
    g) the agreement can be extended with the consent of PK CAMPERS,
    h) if the vehicle is returned dirty, a fee of 120 EUR will be charged.
    i) if the Renter comes over 30 min late to the pick up without previous notice a Late Pick Up Fee is applied of 50 EUR
    j) the rental company reserves the right to change the car
    a) the vehicle should be driven carefully, complying with road traffic regulations,
    b) only the person named as a driver in the rental agreement may drive the vehicle,
    c) it is prohibited to drive a rental vehicle on roads without a road number. Passenger vehicles and two-wheel drive vehicles are prohibited on roads marked with the letter “F” on public roads, as well as when driving Kjolur (road 35) or Kaldidadur (road 550). Driving on “F” roads is only allowed in four-wheel drive vehicles (4×4), where the Owner agrees to drive vehicles on such roads. Any violation of these rules shall entitle the Owner to collect fines from the Renter, equal to the amount of own risk that is stated in the rental price list at a given time. The above provision shall apply to penalties and shall not affect the Renter’s liability for damages,
    d) the Renter shall be liable for damages resulting from the use of the vehicle for which the insurance company refuses to pay compensation. This includes damage to the vehicle and injuries to passengers due to:
    – off-road driving, e.g. on paths, beaches, areas accessible only at low tide or other off-road areas,
    – using a vehicle in a manner that is contrary to the laws of Iceland or the provisions of the rental or driving agreement under the influence of intoxicants,
    – driving on rivers, watercourses, snowy and icy shores,
    – vehicle damage caused by racing. The Renter is solely responsible for driving WITHOUT DUE CARE AND ATTENTION,
    e) the Renter shall not be authorized to carry out repairs or alterations to vehicles without the Owner’s consent,
    f) the Renter shall be responsible for all parking fees and penalties charged for violation of road traffic regulations,
    g) any devastation of fauna and flora will be subject to severe financial penalties charged by the Icelandic law enforcement authorities,
    h) in the event of a crash or accident, the Renter should notify PK CAMPERS and the POLICE and shall remain at the scene until the arrival of emergency services,
    i) the Renter is prohibited from transporting more persons than the vehicle is licensed to carry or from lending or leasing the vehicle to third parties,
    j) the Renter agrees to bear all costs incurred by the rental company, if it has to bring the vehicle back to its premises in the event of leaving it by the Renter somewhere unattended due to the condition of the vehicle, weather or road. The Renter shall bear responsibility for abandoning the vehicle,
    k) the Renter shall be charged ISK 150 / km, calculated from the place where PK CAMPERS is based, in the event of an unfounded call for a vehicle rental employee to the place where the vehicle stopped or at the request of the POLICE in the event of a drastic violation of road traffic regulations, such as driving after taking intoxicants,
    l) in the event of a vehicle breakdown, our service will be sent to the Renter to rectify the breakdown. If the breakdown allows for further driving, and it does not affect the safety of the Renter or other road users, the Renter is obliged to go to the nearest service indicated by the rental company. If the repair makes it impossible to stay overnight in the camper, the Renter shall be directed to the nearest accommodation provider at the cost of the rental company until the vehicle is repaired.
    a) any amendments to this rental agreement shall be made in written or electronic form and accepted by both parties,
    b) any disputes between the parties to the rental agreement may be submitted to the arbitration committee of the Icelandic Consumers Association or the Icelandic Tourist Industry Association.